All-Time Soy Candles

All our candles are made using only 100% natural soy and skin-safe, cosmetic grade fragrance oils, hand-poured in the USA. Our soy candles are unblended and are lead-free, dye-free, phthalate-free and eco-friendly. Each candle is safely designed with care and no harmful elements.  The canisters and bowls are reusable. Soy wax cleans up easily with just water and a little soap unlike paraffin waxes. When you purchase a soy candle, you are also supporting our local U.S. Farmers. The U.S. is the number one producer of soy in the world. It’s friendly to the environment (no petroleum, no paraffin, no soot).

Innovative Beauty

Although our candles are non-toxic, dye-free, etc., and safely designed, they are far from dull. Our designs are exquisite and unique and marveled by those who appreciate artisan workmanship.

I love these 100% soy candles and bowls - there is no soot and I don’t get headaches from them.

Amanda A.

I bought these jar candles and they burn clean and beautiful with a double wick!

Melinda D.

The best candles!!! Worth every penny!

Gail O.

Love the Pumkin Delight candle, it’s fresh & very fall

Sharon L.

Finally candles that last and make my home smell so good! Love how they look too Thank you

Dianne M.